How to Videos




How to peel our protection film.

  • It is best to remove the protection film at an area where it is hidden away. Start at the corner of squares, the mounting holes of wall mount and window mount products, or areas where the protective film is starting to peel back.
  • Use your fingernail and gently loosen up the protection film.



How to mount our wall mountable outdoor business card holders

  • Find the back of the business card box
  • Push and slide the mounting bracket downwards to seperate the two
  • Locate the "UP" on the mounting bracket
  • Align and screw the mounting bracket onto the wall
  • Slide the business card box from the TOP of the mounting bracket



How to assemble the floor standing ballot box

  • Before assembling - make sure you have all the correct pieces
  • Top, Bottom, Left Side, Right Side, Lock & Keys and Screws. You will need a screwdriver to assemble(not provided)
  • Find the front piece and lay it flat on the ground
  • Find the square bottom piece without a ballot slot and lay it below the front piece
  • Find a side piece and lay it on either side
  • Now, lift up the side and bottom peice that was laid earlier and align the screw holes to begin screwing them in place
  • Find and place the top piece that has the ballot slot hole and screw it in place
  • Find the back piece with the door and lock. Lay it on the top and screw it in place
  • Find the 2nd side piece and screw it in place
  • Gently lift the ballot up