Don’t compromise every time you advertise! At Source One our Slant-Back Sign Holder's are the ideal frame for your personal and professional brochures, promos, and pictures. Our sign holder's are self-standing due to its reinforced solid-back base. There is an insertion slot on its side for papers, bearing signs, text, and pictures. The frame can be propped up vertically or horizontally, so you can display images however you like without hassle. Made of high-grade acrylic, Source One sign holder's boasts top-notch quality, as evidenced by its exceptional durability. Acrylic is a shatter-resistant material that is lightweight but strong. It won’t break even if it falls to the ground, making it ideal for high surfaces. The frame has smooth edges and is transparent, and it protects signs and pictures from dirt and dust so that text stays readable and images remain visually appealing. This sign holder serves a lot of purposes and can be displayed in many different places. It can be used to show restaurant bestsellers and brochures, package deals in hotels, new features in a reception area, and new regulations in schools. It can also be used to prop up personal pictures in homes. Source One items are always in stock. We offer a money-back guarantee, and we promise fast shipping. Your order will arrive fast and in good condition. Customers are our number-one priority because if you’re satisfied, it means we’ve done our job properly. Never settle for less and use only the best with Source One Slant-Back Sign Holder.