18" Lazy Susan Turntable in Black


18" Lazy Susan Turntable in Black

Use this Lazy Susan 18" Lazy Susan turntable to greatly improve product and item organization in your home, kitchen, and office. Place this Lazy Susan on tabletops and watch it spin effortlessly. In addition to the classic dinner table and food serving purposes, our Lazy Susan can be an easy way to access your office supplies, art & craft supplies, and beauty supplies from your desk or workspace. The Lazy Susan turntable provides a large platform that measures 18 inches in diameter and comes in a nice glossy black 3/8 inch thick acrylic with a beautiful polished edge. Endless uses at home, office, school, restaurant, and retail.



Overall Dimensions : 18" Diameter
Material: Colored Acrylic
Acrylic Thickness: 1/8" (0.117)
Placement: Counter, Table, or Desktop
Orientation: Horizontal
Features: Spins & Rotates 360 degrees, Glossy black finish, Polished edge, Shatterproof, Easy to clean & sanitize, Lightweight & Portable
Color: Black
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