Flex PVC Hinge
Flex PVC Hinge
Flex PVC Hinge
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Flex PVC Hinge


Made from flexible alloyed polymers, these PVC hinges do not fatigue or deteriorate in any environment including moist and corrosive applications. It is UV resistant making it a perfect solution for outdoor projects. The hinges will come in a pack of 2 and are precut at lengths of 12", 24", 36", and 48". The groves are designed to hold 1/8th material and will have a transparent finish. With these hinges, there is no need for messy solvents or spending the time to get them to stick. Just place your product into groves and watch it flex and hold.


Overall Dimensions : 12", 24", 36" 48"
Material: Alloyed Polymers
Placement: Hinges Acrylic together
Features: Pack of 2, Bonds without solvents, Made from alloyed polymers, Holds 1/8" material, Doesn't fatigue or deteriorate, UV resistant
Color: Clear (transparent)
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