Hanging Halloween Bats (6 Pack)
Hanging Halloween Bats (6 Pack)
Hanging Halloween Bats (6 Pack)
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Hanging Halloween Bats (6 Pack)


Spooky bats for spooky decor. These decorative Halloween bats can be displayed either indoor or outdoor and feature a waterproof/shatter-resistant finish. Made using black ABS plastic which is a material used in the production of lego pieces, signage, and automotive applications. The bats will come 6 to pack and measure 9" W x 3" H. We have predrilled a 3/16" hole at the top of the bat which will allow for free movement when there is applicable weather. The hanging method is not included but string/rope purchased from your local department store will do the trick. These are fun decorative items that will encourage others to participate in the Halloween spirit while providing you the quality you count on. There is no need to purchase new Halloween decor every year when your products can last for years to come!


Overall Dimensions : 9" W x 3" H 
Material: ABS
ABS Thickness: 1/8" (0.117)
Placement: Hanging 
Orientation: Vertical
Features: Durable multi-year use, 6 pack, Shatter-resistant, Waterproof 
Color: Black
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