Cabinet Doors: Acrylic window Replacement

A lot of the time, acrylic is a great substitution for single panel glass replacement projects. Since it is a shatter resistant material, customers find it extremely useful for a wide range of projects. Some examples are camper windows, picture frames, store front panels, and garage windows. From experience, custom sized glass can take some time to be fabricated and delivered. I found it can be somewhat of a hassle when it comes to projects that don't necessarily need to be glass based. With acrylic, they are a wide range of thicknesses that you can choose from that will allow you to find the perfect match at a fraction of the time.

To discuss this option further, I chose a Cabinet door window replacement. DIY projects are not for everyone and this may be a little advanced for most, but what a difference does it make. In this scenario, all you would need is your dimensions and we can cut the size to match them exactly. Granted you will have to do some carpentry, but our part will be the easy one. We have acrylic material, or polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is an unbreakable material as it is significantly stronger than acrylic. This may help if your cabinets do not have rubber stoppers to reduce slamming. The following pictures I found by reading through Christy's blog. The work she did was amazing and transformed her kitchen tremendously. Even though this blog is focused on cabinet doors, the application applies to many projects as mentioned above.

Such an amazing job by Christy. If you have a similar project that you need acrylic rather than glass use the link below to take you to our Cut-To-Size listing. Here you can input your required dimensions and choose the thickness that works best. 

Cut-To-Size Plastics

Stay tuned for more DIY projects!
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