Personalized Acrylic Coasters

We are all familiar with coasters, some are wooden, granite, or rubber, but what about acrylic? Acrylic coasters are an excellent way to add that elegance to the simplest parts of your home. The clear acrylic and polished edges stand out amongst the bunch providing a glare of modernism to the most traditional eyes. This blog is not to inform you on how coasters benefit and protect your furniture but sell you on the aesthetic and how it can transform the smallest details. Here on our site we offer acrylic coasters made from 1/8" thick material while also including the acrylic coaster holder to finish the set. Added onto each coaster are rubber feet to keep it from sliding. Makes placement easy and simple. Acrylic is also easy to clean with soap and water. You wouldn't have to worry about washing them in the dishwasher or washing machine. Take a microfiber towel to dry them and you are ready to go. 


I think the coolest part of these acrylic coasters is that they are customizable. Add your own fun art, maybe an initial, or even a logo. They can be purchased for the office or sent as gift. Anything personalized has that added meaning! SasquatchTheLegend allowed us to use these images of the coasters they personalized through SourceOne as an example. They made square coasters and also circle coasters designed to fit their brand and vision. Incorporate your own and you can do the same. If you have a circuit machine at home you can cut some vinyl and get it going or click the hyperlink below for printing options. 

















 If you are looking to get started, click the hyperlink below and it will take you to our listing where you can see all of the sweet features we offer!

Personalized Clear Acrylic Coasters & Holder

Stay tuned for more DIY projects!
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