Displaying Media w/Wall mount Standoffs

Wall mount your media using this trending standoff option.

Images, posters, displays, material, you name it. We use these unique stainless steel standoffs alongside many of our products to provide that sleek modern design. Simple and easy installation that provides maximum stability no matter what you choose to display. An upcoming trend to help add that spice of modernism to your home or office if you are feeling to capture that vibe. In our store we offer two different sizes which are our regulars (to the left) and are long style which is on the right. 


Some of the material we have mounted are; corrugated plastic, acrylic (different thicknesses), mirrors, poster boards. If we come across larger projects we always make sure to use more of these standoffs to provide that durability mounting an image requires. Think about way finding signs, business signs, family photos, even acrylic product risers. One of newest products was fabricated using these standoffs in a very unique way. We took an original u shaped product riser and added these in place of existing legs. Such a sweet finish that can be seen across any room. You can definitely tell the difference!

If you would like to utilize these standoffs all you would need to do is pre-drill holes into the material you will be mounting. The size of drill holes we use are 3/8" (.3875). We place them at the corners for support but you can place them anywhere as long as you stabilize the material accurately.  To check out the prices on these standoffs please visit the supplies link below or search our Supplies category located in the navigational menu. If you have any questions please reach out to us. This is our expertise and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 
Stay tuned for more DIY projects!
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