Things you can do with Hexagon shaped Acrylic

With the machinery we use, we are able to produce custom cuts across a wide spectrum of concepts. Hexagonal shapes being one of them. Use them as clear or colored décor pieces or stylish mirrors adaptable to any aesthetic. Even venture of into DIY projects such as achievement trophies, desk mats, table tops, key chains, displays and so on. Its such an awesome way to draw the attention of potential customers and occasional guests during everyday events. Our cover photo was created by IG user @thewritegirlstudio, a special occasion and events artist who creatively designs displays using a variety of acrylics we offer. You can visit her website at for all things custom, she does a phenomenal job! In our cut to size category we offer hexagonal shapes in clear acrylic, mirrored acrylic, colored acrylic, corrugated plastic, and P95 which is a matted chalkboard material. We can cut it up to 36" from point to point and add any custom features needed. Let your creativity run wild and incorporate this current trend in your projects. To get started, visit the link below!

Cut-to-Size Hexagon Shapes

Stay tuned for more DIY projects!
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